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How to Clean Roof Tiles

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Why Thousands of Londoners Trust LBC to Clean Their Roofs

LBC provide professional roof cleaning across London and surrounding boroughs from our base in North West London near Hatfield. Whether you live in Pinner, Wembley, Hampstead, Finchley, Chorley Wood, or any other borough in and around London our roof cleaning services can help improve the look of your roof in addition to cleaning moss away and potentially increasing your roof’s longevity. 

Pressure Washing & Soft Wash Roof Cleaning

For every roof cleaning project, we assess the roof and the material of the tiles and from our 10+ years of experience, we will let you know which method of cleaning is most suitable for your roof and why.

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Contrary to popular hearsay, pressure washing is a perfectly acceptable cleaning method for certain types of roofs, namely roofs with clay roof tiles that are in good condition.

We have an array of equipment and skills to help us safely access your roof, whether hired access is needed or even rope access. We have the solution.

Soft Wash Roof Cleaning

What is Soft Wash Roof Cleaning?

Simply, soft wash roof cleaning, is cleaning a roof using chemicals applied at a low pressure. It is an alternative to pressure washing a roof.

One way to clean a roof is by the controlled spraying of a biocidal wash, for example, products including softwash solutions and Bio Wash. These biocide solutions will kill any biofilm such as moss algae’s and lichen.

LBC are authorised Biowash agents for the softwash cleaning of roofs in Harrow, Pinner, Northwood and Stanmore using the Biowash solution.

The spraying of Biocides onto roofs is relatively low risk when compared to other more aggressive cleaning methods however it does not clean the dirt from roofs or remove heavy moss or soiling on the roof and for that reason it is usually carried out after another roof cleaning method has been used as it helps to make sure that the remaining roots and spores that may have penetrated into the porous surface are killed.

Can I Pressure Wash My Roof?

We have been roof cleaning London homes for years, and this is the question we’re asked the most. The answer is….

Some roof tiles are suitable for pressure washing such as slate and clay. Some old concrete tiles are not suitable for a pressure wash as the surface of the tile can be damaged leaving the tile more water absorbent and sometimes removing a top coloured layer to reveal a different coloured concrete below.

Is the roof in good structural condition for roof cleaning?

Your roof may be dirty and covered in moss but are all the tiles in the correct place and is the pointing on the ridges still strong?

You can pressure wash your roof and its roof tiles if it is in good structural condition, the pointing is strong and there are no visible entry points for water such as cracks or missing tiles.

With every roof clean, we inspect the roof to establish the condition of the roof, the type of tile and then we inform our customers of the best process for restoring their roof whether that is pressure washing, soft washing, steam cleaning or sometimes just removing the moss and treating the roof with a biocidal wash to help keep the roof clean and moss free for longer.

Why Should I Clean My Roof or Roof Tiles?

 As a roof ages over time, it becomes more susceptible to damage caused by the elements and general wear and tear. Roof tiles can also become damaged from moss growth. This is why it is essential you hire a roof cleaning company to avoid costly repair work down the road.

We have been roof cleaning London homes of all shapes and sizes for years. We know that no two roofs are the same and we take this into account every time we provide our roof cleaning services, which is why you are in safe hands with LBC.

For example, with roof cleaning moss removal requires us to test ahead of time with our specialist equipment that our roof cleaning process will not harm your roof’s material.

 Our roof cleaning team have worked across areas such as Wembley, Finchley and Hampstead on a variety of different roofs and have treated each one with individual care and attention.

Pressure Wash Roof Cleaning

For an instant, dramatic change to your roofs appearance pressure washing could be the right method. However, a pressure wash is not suitable for all types of roofs, so get an expert opinion before you go doing some irreversible damage.

Pressure washing roof cleaning, is using high pressure water jets to remove years of dirt, moss and algae etc, however this method is only advisable for certain types of tiled roofs and also if the cement work is solid.

There are several different access methods  that can be used for pressure a roof. Depending on the job and access to the roof you may need cherry picker hire, rope access or ladder access.

We also have market leading surface cleaning technology which allows us to clean the roof using high pressure while minimising the mess created.

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