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Creating Cleaner, healthier places to live...

Birdproofing:Bird Spike Installation in London

Bird Spike Installation in London, Bird Proof, Bird spikes installation London

Ever strolled through the bustling streets of London, only to have your peace disrupted by an unwelcome ‘gift’ from a bird overhead? The problem isn’t just an irritation, it’s a potential hazard to health, particularly in busy locations such as city centres. But what if I told you there’s an effective and humane solution for this airborne menace?

Welcome to the world of birdproofing Bird spike installation in London. A cost-effective method that helps maintain our beautiful architecture while ensuring public safety.

This post will take you on a journey – unveiling the mystery behind these seemingly simple contraptions known as bird spikes. How do they work? Why are they so important in maintaining not just aesthetics but also hygiene within our cities?

Trust me, you’re going to leave this read with handy tips on bird control methods and a deeper understanding of professional services.

Table of Contents:

Understanding Bird Spikes and Their Installation

If you’ve been strolling through the city centres of London, chances are you’ve noticed peculiar spikes adorning window ledges, roof edges, or other potential perching locations. They’re not decorative elements but bird spikes – a simple yet effective bird control solution.

Bird spikes are made from durable stainless steel and provide an efficient way to prevent birds from settling on your property. These aren’t designed to harm our feathered friends; instead, they discourage them by making it uncomfortable for them to land.

What Are Bird Spikes and How Do They Work?

The concept behind bird spike installation is straightforward: when installed correctly on popular landing sites such as window sills or brick walls, the angled rods make it impossible for birds to maintain their balance without causing any physical harm.

The use of high-grade stainless steel ensures longevity while resisting weather-related wear and tear. So whether it’s rain in Greater London or sunshine by the River Thames – these anti-bird tools stand firm.

The Science Behind Bird Spikes

You may wonder how something so seemingly harmless can be an effective deterrent? Well, let’s delve into some science. Birds need a flat surface area large enough for both feet in order to comfortably perch.

These spiked strips simply take away that comfort zone with their design ensuring that there isn’t sufficient space between each prong for even small species like pigeons (the main pest bird) – forcing them off elsewhere seeking out more suitable resting places.

Key stats suggest that installing birdproofing solutions like these could save countless hours spent cleaning up after unwanted visitors while providing healthier environments due to its low maintenance nature.

LBC’s Expertise in Birdproofing and Spike Installation

When it comes to professional bird control, LBC is the go-to expert. With our extensive background in the industry, we have perfected our methods of providing exceptional bird-deterring services across London. We take pride not just in delivering results but also doing so with utmost respect for wildlife.

Our standout service? Bird spike installation – a highly effective solution that discourages birds from perching on your property without causing them any harm. But how does this work?

The Magic Behind Our Professional Bird Spike Installation

Bird spikes act as physical barriers that deter birds from landing or nesting on ledges, roofs, or other surfaces they fancy calling home. This method has proven its effectiveness time and again making it one of our most requested services.

We use high-grade stainless steel spikes which are quick to install and require little maintenance. Apex Bird Control, one of our trusted partners provides these durable materials ensuring quality at every step.

Acing the Art of Installation

To give you an idea about what goes behind each successful project – let’s say installing pigeon spikes – here’s what happens: First off, we conduct thorough site audits to identify key perching locations; after all no two buildings have identical pest bird issues. Next up is safe access equipment such as cherry pickers and boom lifts that ensure safety during installations especially at heights where many pest birds prefer settling down.

Making sure each spike sits perfectly requires precision—and this doesn’t come easy unless you’re using state-of-the-art technology like Multitel MZ250. A recent addition to our arsenal but it has already revolutionised our bird spike installation by enhancing efficiency and safety.

Our commitment to ethical practices, ensuring birds are controlled without harm, underpins every service we offer. It’s this care for the environment coupled with expertise that makes LBC stand out in the crowd of bird control specialists across Greater London.

Key Takeaway: 

Rest assured, at LBC, our commitment doesn’t just stop at being birdproofing experts and proficient in spike installation. We are also ardent advocates of ethical wildlife control. Our method involves the use of top-notch stainless steel spikes which deter birds from settling on properties without causing them any harm. Leveraging cutting-edge technology such as the Multitel MZ250 for our installations allows us to handle every project with extreme precision and skill.

Introducing the Multitel MZ250 for Efficient Bird Spike Installation

At LBC Exterior Cleaning, we’re always on the hunt for ways to improve our services. Seeking to increase our service capabilities, we have embraced a cutting-edge solution for bird control – the Multitel MZ250. The game-changer? Our newest addition: the Multitel MZ250.

This piece of machinery is a boom lift – an access device used by professionals like us when installing bird spikes at considerable heights. It provides safer and more efficient installation compared to traditional methods.

A Look at How Multitel MZ250 Works

The key advantage of this nifty machine lies in its unique design that allows precise manoeuvrability even in tight city centres or high-rise buildings along the River Thames. But don’t let its compact size fool you.

The Multitel MZ250 can extend up to 25 meters vertically and has a lateral reach of nearly 13 meters, enabling us to install anti-bird spike systems on various surfaces from window ledges and roof edges down to ground level with ease.

Safety First With The Multitel MZ250

We prioritise safety above all else during installations, particularly those involving significant heights or complex structures such as brick walls around Greater London. Thankfully, our cherry picker alternative makes it simple.

Besides being incredibly versatile, it features advanced stabilisation technology which ensures safe operation even under challenging conditions. This translates into less risk while delivering effective bird proofing solutions for your property.

Faster Installations Mean Cost Savings For You

Last but not least, the speed and efficiency of the Multitel MZ250 mean we can complete jobs faster. This increased productivity translates into cost savings for our customers without compromising on quality.

Whether it’s a residential property or large-scale waste management service area needing bird control, LBC Exterior Cleaning is ready to tackle any challenge with this robust piece of machinery in hand.

Key Takeaway: 

At LBC Exterior Cleaning, we’ve stepped up our birdproofing game with the Multitel MZ250. This innovative machine makes installing bird spikes safer and more efficient, even at great heights or in tight city spaces. It’s not just about improving our service – it also means cost savings for you as installations are faster without sacrificing quality.

Conducting Site Audits for Effective Bird Control Solutions

The first step towards successful bird control solutions is a thorough site audit. This essential process helps identify key perching locations, which are often the main culprits of nuisance bird problems.

An effective site audit takes into account various factors such as identifying potential waste management services and assessing existing bird control situations. The goal here is to create an in-depth understanding of the property layout and its vulnerability to pest birds.

To start with, our team from LBC conducts a detailed ground level survey. We look at every corner including window sills, roof edges, brick walls – all typical spots where you’d find pesky pigeons or seagulls perched. Once these areas have been identified, we then move onto inspecting any damage caused by their highly acidic droppings known as bird guano.

Using Access Equipment for Comprehensive Analysis

A comprehensive analysis isn’t complete without evaluating hard-to-reach places that might be serving as hideouts for birds. To make sure no stone is left unturned (or rather no ledge unchecked), we utilise advanced access equipment like cherry pickers and boom lifts.

This allows us to reach high-up spots on your building’s exterior that may otherwise go unnoticed during a standard inspection conducted only at ground level.

Moving Towards Tailored Bird Control Solutions

All this information gathered during the site audit enables us to develop tailored plans based on individual property needs. From determining whether spikes installation would suffice or if more robust methods like netting need implementation – it’s all decided post-audit.

Besides helping us understand what kind of intervention is required, a site audit also provides us with insights into the cost implications. This makes sure you get an effective bird control solution that’s not just tailored to your property but also fits well within your budget.

In short, conducting comprehensive site audits helps LBC deliver effective bird control solutions while maintaining our commitment towards environmental responsibility and ethical practices in controlling birds without harming them or impacting local wildlife.

Key Takeaway: 

These audits are crucial because they uncover the secret hangouts of pesky birds, measure existing control methods, and identify damage from corrosive bird waste. Thanks to advanced tech tools at our disposal, we leave no stone unturned – every ground-level hiding place and towering perch is scrutinised. The data collected shapes custom strategies that smartly blend property requirements with financial constraints.

Access Equipment Ensuring Safe Installation at Heights

When it comes to bird spike installation, safety is paramount. This task often requires working at considerable heights, so having the right access equipment can make all the difference. That’s where our investment in tools like cherry pickers and boom lifts come into play.

These pieces of machinery are specifically designed for jobs that need a lift – quite literally. Cherry pickers, for example, provide a stable platform from which we can install bird spikes even on higher structures such as roof edges or window ledges.

The other key piece of our high-access arsenal is the boom lift. It offers more flexibility compared to traditional ladders or scaffolding systems. With its telescopic arm extending both vertically and horizontally, it allows us to reach those tricky areas with ease while ensuring total stability during installations.

The Multitel MZ250: A Game-Changer in Bird Spike Installation

LBC Exterior Cleaning has recently invested in Multitel MZ250, an advanced type of cherry picker. Its compact design lets us navigate narrow city centres without causing disruption but doesn’t compromise on height – reaching up 25 metres.

This machine not only makes work safer; it also enhances efficiency by reducing setup times drastically compared to conventional methods. The time needed for each job depends largely on factors like size and complexity but with this kind of kit at hand we’re well-equipped for any situation that may arise.

Making Safety Our Priority

NHS guidelines always emphasize the importance of workplace safety especially when working from elevated positions,. We adhere strictly to these regulations while conducting bird control solutions around Greater London.

Our team of bird control experts has been trained thoroughly in using this equipment, so they can get the job done safely and efficiently. And let’s not forget about our office team that helps coordinate site visits to make sure all safety procedures are followed diligently.

our clients’ safety. We are dedicated to delivering top-notch birdproofing services, and the Multitel MZ250 plays a crucial role in this. Its cutting-edge features let us work efficiently without compromising on safety.

Key Takeaway: 

expertise, we ensure every installation is seamless and secure. We believe in not just getting the job done but doing it right. Our dedication to quality workmanship guarantees peace of mind for our clients – knowing that their bird control solutions are effective, durable and professionally installed.

Installing Bird Spikes: A Step-by-Step Guide

Bird spikes installation may seem like a daunting task, but with the right knowledge and tools, it can be easily accomplished. Here is a comprehensive guide to assist you in beginning the installation of bird spikes.

1. Assess Your Needs

The first step is understanding your bird control needs. Identify key perching locations around your property such as window ledges or roof edges where birds often land. The NHS suggests that this can prevent large numbers of birds from creating nests in unwanted areas.

2. Choose the Right Equipment

You’ll need bird spikes made of durable materials like stainless steel or polycarbonate base which are designed for longevity and effectiveness against different types of pest birds including pigeons and seagulls.

3. Install Bird Spikes

To install bird spikes, make sure they fit snugly onto the surface you’ve chosen to protect – whether it’s brick walls or window sills – without any gaps that could let smaller birds through.

Safety Measures During Installation:

  • Carefully use access equipment such as cherry pickers or boom lifts when installing at heights above ground level.
  • If using ladders isn’t safe enough due to higher places being targeted by pests, consider hiring professional services who have specialized machines like our Multitel MZ250.
  • A site visit from experts ensures safer spike installations along with waste management services if there has been an accumulation of highly acidic bird guano in these areas.
“The time needed for each job depends on factors such as size of area & complexity.”

Now you’re ready to make your property a no-fly zone for nuisance birds.

Other Bird Control Methods and Solutions

Bird spikes are a fantastic solution for bird control, but they’re not the only tool in our arsenal. At LBC Exterior Cleaning, we believe in comprehensive solutions that meet your unique needs.

One of these alternatives is bird netting. A popular choice across city centres and especially around the River Thames area where large numbers of birds perch on buildings and bridges. But how does it compare to bird spike systems?

The Benefits and Limitations of Bird Netting

Bird netting works by creating a physical barrier preventing birds from reaching their desired perching locations like window ledges or roof edges. It’s versatile enough to be installed at any height, even ground level, using access equipment such as cherry pickers or boom lifts.

Although highly effective at total bird control, it isn’t always practical due to its visual impact particularly in areas with aesthetic considerations. Plus installing them requires professional expertise for optimal results.

A trusted partner like Apex Bird Control, who have been providing specialist cleaning since 2004 can install this system safely and efficiently.

Cost Considerations for Bird Spike Installation in London

When you’re looking to invest in birdproofing your property, understanding the cost is crucial. Finding the right balance between cost and effectiveness is essential when investing in birdproofing your property.

The Apex Anti Bird Spike System, a favourite among our customers at LBC Exterior Cleaning, provides an excellent balance between cost and effectiveness. But what factors influence this?

The Scope of Work Involved

Firstly, let’s talk scope. The size and complexity of the area where spikes need installing significantly impact costs. For example, window ledges may require fewer resources than large roof edges or brick walls.

Type and Volume of Waste Management Services Needed

In some cases, we encounter heavy bird guano accumulation before installation can start – a rather messy problem that needs fixing first. These waste management services add to the overall expense but are necessary for effective results.

Safety Equipment Used During Installation

We take safety seriously at LBC Exterior Cleaning – especially when working from heights like city centres’ tall buildings. That’s why we use access equipment such as cherry pickers or boom lifts during spike installations – investments reflected in our pricing structure but vital for safe work practices.

Quality Material Selection: Stainless Steel Spikes versus Polycarbonate Base

Last but not least is material selection—another key price influencer. High-grade stainless steel spikes are highly durable and long-lasting compared to their polycarbonate counterparts though they come with a higher upfront cost.

LBC’s Commitment to Environmental Responsibility

At LBC, we take our environmental responsibility seriously. We are committed to ethical birdproofing practices that strike a balance between controlling pest birds and preserving local wildlife.

We use blunted spikes in our bird spike system – these don’t harm the birds but prevent them from perching on your property. Our bird spike system is constructed using top-notch stainless steel that’s long-lasting and has a minimal effect on the natural world.

Beyond just installing bird spikes, we adopt various other environmentally friendly bird control methods. Our comprehensive solutions consider all aspects of local ecology while effectively managing issues related to pigeons or seagulls.

We understand that waste management services play an essential role in maintaining a clean and healthy environment. Hence, during any installation process at height using access equipment like cherry pickers or boom lifts for safety reasons, we ensure thorough cleanup after completion. According to NHS guidelines, proper disposal of debris like fallen nests or feathers can help keep disease spread under check among both human population and avian communities alike.

The health of city centres such as Greater London depends significantly upon responsible pest control practices. Birds congregating in large numbers not only pose challenges for properties but also disrupt ecological balance if unchecked. Modern technologies, coupled with respect for nature allows us here at LBC to provide sustainable yet effective total bird control solutions across the United Kingdom.

FAQs in Relation to Birdproofing Bird Spike installation in London

Are Bird spikes legal UK?

Yes, bird spikes are legal in the UK. They’re a humane and non-lethal way to deter birds from landing or nesting on your property.

How much does it cost to install pigeon spikes?

The cost varies depending on factors like size of area and spike type, but typically you can expect to spend around £5-£10 per metre for professional installation.

Who can fit Bird spikes?

Bird control specialists have the training and experience necessary to fit bird spikes effectively. However, DIY enthusiasts with appropriate guidance may also do so safely.

Can you install Bird spikes?

You certainly can. With proper instructions and safety measures in place, homeowners can perform their own bird spike installations as part of home maintenance tasks.


What a journey it’s been, unravelling the world of birdproofing Bird spike installation in London. Understanding that these spikes are more than just prickly deterrents. They’re tools for keeping our city clean and safe.

We’ve discovered how bird spikes work and their role in controlling pesky birds humanely. We’ve learned about site audits to identify key perching locations, ensuring every installation is efficient and effective.

We’ve also looked at access equipment like cherry pickers for safe installations at heights. And we even delved into alternatives like bird netting – all pieces of an integrated solution puzzle.

You now know cost considerations while balancing effectiveness with efficiency. And most importantly, you’ve seen LBC’s commitment towards ethical practices in bird control without harming local wildlife.

Birdproofing isn’t just installing some metal on ledges; it’s maintaining hygiene standards and preserving architectural aesthetics – making cities safer places to live!