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Children’s Play Area Rubber Surface Cleaning

Childrens Playground Cleaning
Children’s Play Area

Wet Pour Rubber is a very popular choice for children’s play areas. The surface is made up of small, shredded rubber pieces that are mixed with a glue and poured onto the surface. The wet pour rubber is great for children as the surface is soft which helps limit damage for slips, trips and falls.

Although the rubber system has great qualities it also requires regular maintenance or can become a haven for moss and algae to flourish.

If not maintained the surface becomes slippery and hazardous.

As well as other types of surface including tarmac and resinbond

Its important to use the correct equipment and cleaning methods in order to ensure no damage is done to the surface when cleaning.

How LBC Exterior solved the problem

Here at LBC, our vehicles and teams have the ability, and know how to use hot water and the relevant chemicals when permitted or necessary to get the best results when restoring the surface.

In the video in this blog post you can see our team restoring a wet pour children’s play area in the North London Collindale area.

The surface had been neglected for several years and had become infested with heavy moss growth. The moss had flourished due to the damp conditions and the small ‘gaps’ in the make up of the surface. This is due to the small pieces of rubber being glued together leaving little pits or areas where organic growth can flourish.

Compare this surface to a flat, solid surface with no ‘pits or gaps’ in its make up and you will find that the wet pour rubber will experience moss growth faster and more agressively than the comparative flat, solid surface.

Rubber Surface Cleaning

To summarise, what makes wet pour rubber great ie its soft, low impact properties created by the glued pieces of rubber make it a great choice for children’s playgrounds and play areas. But the very same principles which make is suitable for its practicality mean that it needs planned , preventative maintenance to ensure that it is kept clean and functional.

Lets face it, every surface, even a vertical metal sign will become ‘dirty’ and face organic growth here in our British Climate.

Luckily, LBC are here to help 🙂