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What makes a great commercial gutter cleaning company?

 Anyone can find a way up to your guttering and clear them out but there is significant differences when it comes to receiving a professional gutter cleaning service.

Understandably, what you are looking for is reassurance that the job is done properly and that there will not be any problems in the near future.

The team here at LBC understand that and that’s why we are not looking to just clear the debris from the gutters as quickly as possible but we are looking to understand what has prompted you looking for a commercial gutter cleaning service, are you experiencing any leaks or internal damp as we want to get to the root of the problem and fix it.

That’s why as well as clearing all debris from your commercial guttering we also do a water test and test the flow of the water, is it running into the downpipes as it should? or is there a problem with the levelling?

Is there a large build up of moss on the roof that is going to cause the same issue in the near future? If there is we will let you know about it.

Is there other problems with the roof or gutters that could be causing issues?

We include a free roof survey with every commercial gutter clean.

Read our blog For more information on how roof surveys can save you money in the long run 

As well as a roof survey we will provide you with a full report for your commercial building’s gutter clean. 

This will show before and after pictures of all parts of the guttering as well as proof of a water test. We will point out any issues you may have and provide a full written quote before proceeding with any additional works.

As well as clearing and testing the guttering and reporting on any gutter issues we understand that part of providing a professional service is doing the job safely. That’s why we use scaffolding towers or our own company cherry picker for working at height over ladders where possible.

Common Problems with Commercial Gutters 

Some of the common problems we see with commercial guttering include;

  • Blocked Hoppers
  • Blocked Downpipes
  • Gutter protectors blocked with moss or leaves
  • Failing Gutter Membranes
  • Failing seals in Gutter Joining Brackets
  • Failing gutter brackets 
  • Slipped Facias boards
  • Gutter lengths too short and come apart.
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Commercial Gutter Cleaning on an Old Church

In the video and case study below we completed a commercial gutter clean and repair on an old church building that had been converted into many apartments in the Maide vale area in London.

The guttering was made from cast iron and was very old. It had started to leak at one of the joints. Which had caused damp staining underneath the joining bracket on the brick and stone wall and the damp had started to come through into one of the apartments.

We used a combination of the Sky Vac Gutter cleaner and traditional methods from our cherry picker to access the guttering and clear out all debris which was mainly moss from the roof. We repaired the cast iron joint and then tested the guttering to ensure the repair was successful. This job was done for a commercial cleaning company who in turn were working for the property management company that were looking after the building. As well as working directly with many of the leading block and property management companies in London, LBC are often approached by other cleaning companies that want a professional gutter cleaning job. They appreciate our professional equipment and experience and can count on us to get the job done right.

We also offer domestic gutter cleaning services in London.

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