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Creating Cleaner, healthier places to live...
Creating Cleaner, healthier places to live...

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Independent Roof Survey

The Main things to Look For During A Roof Survey

If you have internal signs that there may be problems with your roof such as visible signs of water penetration, or any mould or condensation then it is a good idea to get an independent roof survey done.

For your peace of mind a roof survey will include inspecting the overall condition of your entire roof and also include inspecting gutters, any chimneys as well as ventilation on your roof. Your attic or loft area needs to be properly ventilated so it can breathe.

The other areas that need close inspection on a roof survey are the tiles.

Here we look for any loose, broken or missing tiles. On the ridges we look at the condition of the ridge tiles and the pointing. Also the roof will be inspected for moss, excess moss can not only attract birds to your roof and clog your gutters but it can also grow between tiles and begin to dislodge them. It is a good idea to get excess moss removed from your roof.

Other common areas that cause leaks on roofs are roof penetrations and velux windows, a roof penetration is anything that sticks out through your roof such as a roof vent.

Roof Flashing 

Roof flashings are usually made of lead or other metal and are placed anywhere your roof meets a wall and also in open valleys. In the UK roof flashings are often attached into pointing on chimneys and parapet walls, it is quite common to see flashings come away over time and if this occurs this is very likely to cause leaks.


Is it Worth Getting a Roof Survey?

To answer the question of whether a roof cleaning survey is worth it let me tell you a little story…

Meet Tom. Tom is the oldest roofer in London and on the 16th of October, at around 8:30 AM in Leighton, I had the pleasure of meeting Tom.

I was tasked with the job of helping Tom to get up to a roof, which was two stories above some shops on the High Street.

Tom was doing a roofing repair job for Mr. Shah. Mr. Shah owned the property and his tenants in the top-floor flat let him know that when it rained, there was a leak coming into their flat. So Mr. Shah was keen to get this problem sorted. However, neither Tom nor Mr. Shah had seen the top of the roof. They had only seen the internal damage caused by the leaks.

So I brought Tom up to the top of the roof and he done some repairs. However, after seeing the condition of the roof once up at roof level, it was clear that the roof needed much more than repairs and it actually needed a new piece of felt to be completely redone on the top, not just a patch-up job.

So what’s my point? My point here is Mr. Shah could have saved a lot of money. On Saturday the 16th, he had to pay both me and Tom to go up to the roof and do a temporary repair, whereas if he had contracted the services of a roof inspection first, then Mr. Shah would have paid for the roof inspection, realized he needed a full roof replacement, and then saved the money on the repairs. But now Mr. Shah has to pay twice for the roofer to come and do the required works.

So the lesson from this is, it is much better to pay for a roof inspection and determine exactly what is needed before sending a contractor to do the works. That’s why hiring a cherry picker and operator to inspect your roof and do a report can save you money in the long run.

While Google Earth is great to get an idea of the overall shape of the roof, you cannot see clearly for a roof inspection until getting up close and personal in real life. To get a quote for your roof inspection, and report, just fill in the form below.

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