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Stone Portico Cleaning

Stone Portico Black Stripe Mark removal
Stone Portico Cleaning, Stone portico black stripes removed

Stone Portico Cleaning

A portico is a roof structure supported by columns which can be freestanding or attached to a property. Most of the stone porticos we come across are above the front door of a residence.Stone porticos are usually made from natural stone and a common type of stone in porticos is limestone.Stone Porticos are beautiful. Grand, impressive and an impressive first impression of your home. Especially when they are kept clean and look like the day they were installed.

Whats the Staining on my Portico?

Stone Porticos are susceptible to organic staining from the way the water runs over the front of the stonework. This is common with stone porticos and often referred to as ‘tiger striping’ in the exterior cleaning industry.

Can the black marks on my portico be removed?

The good news is that most of the time the black  stains on your stone portico can be removed and usually all of  the time the appearance can be dramatically improved.The level to which the stonework can be restored will depend on how long the stone is left without maintenance.More frequent cleaning and maintenance before the stonework is left to deteriorate significantly will help ensure great results can be achieved.One thing to watch out for is water erosion. This is where water has been continually running down the same path on the stonework and unfortunately this is not reversible through cleaning.Organic staining can be removed from the stonework but water erosion is irreversible. Thats why we always manage our clients expectations.

Carbon removal from stone portico

In heavy traffic areas some carbon pollution may have got into the stone which is more difficult to remove and usually requires an abrasive system such as the IBIX Machine which we use to gently remove more stubborn staining from brick and stone.

Stone Portico Cleaning

The pictures in this blog post show a stone portico we restored using only steam. The portico was in a rural area with low pollution so had no carbon staining, The staining was just organic so it could be removed with steam only. The portico was also only a couple of years old so the water running down the front hadnt started to erode the surface and cause lasting damage.Therefore as can be seen in the pictures the results of steam cleaning the stone portico were really impressive.

Whats the best method to clean a stone portico?

The best method will depend on what type of staining is present. If the staining is only organic then steam cleaning will be the best method. If there is carbon pollution present then a wet abrasive method may be more suitable.

Whats the Best way to look after my Stone Portico?

Consider adding a layer of protection to your stonework by applying a stone sealer. This will help the water to run off the surface and decrease the risk of the stone being eroded by repetitive water run off.It might be a good idea to find out what stone your portico is made of and consider sealing the stone. A great supplier of stone sealers is smartseal .If you prefer leaving jobs like this to the professionals, then rest assured that LBC Exterior Cleaning is an approved applicator of Smartseal sealers.

Benefits of Sealing Stone Porticos

Sealing stone with an impregnating sealer helps to prevent water getting into the stone and the stone staying damp. It’s these conditions that encourage the growth of organic matter which usually presents itself as green, black or red staining on the stonework.Sealed stonework makes required cleaning intervals less frequent. It also means future maintenance when planned at suitable intervals can be carried out using less aggressive techniques which increases the longevity of the stone portico.Click here for a free quote on stone porticos cleaning.
How to restore a stone portico
Stone Portico Restoration