Graffiti Removal London

Quick Graffiti Removal Service from Your London Property

Looking to get some graffiti removed in London or surrounding boroughs ?

We offer a fast, discrete, efficient service and you don’t have to worry because our team have years of experience removing graffiti from all types of surfaces.

How LBC Removes Graffiti

Before After

How do you remove Graffiti?

We use a variation of methods dependent on the type of surface.

For small amounts of graffiti on hard plastics, metals and some polished stones we use graffiti wipes. We also keep a stock of graffiti removal gel on our steam cleaning vehichles which can remove graffiti from brick and stone.

Unlike some other companies that offer graffiti removal we use hot pressure washing equipment that can produce cleaning steam at high temperature and low pressure so the substrate is not damaged.

We also include an additional step in our removal method to remove the ‘ghosting’

this is the faint impression of the graffiti that can often be left behind. This requires an additional treatment with a unique solution.

We can also use an Ibix machine, where graffiti has worked its way in to porous stone. The Ibix machine produces a gentle vortex of crushed aggregate to carefully remove the paint from the stone while minimising any damage to the material.

Our vehicles are all fully self contained so we carry hot water pressure washing equipment plus our own water supply on board. We turn up and get the job done whilst meeting all health and safety requirements.