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Creating Cleaner, healthier places to live...

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Resin Bound (Not Resin Bond) Driveway Cleaning and Restoration

Looking for an exterior cleaning company who specialise in Resin Bound driveway cleaning and have some results to prove it?

Resin Bond surfaces are possibly one of the hardest surfaces to clean well. To restore a resin bond surface well you need to use a combination of cleaning methods. As you will see in the video below we not only soft wash the surface but also surface clean the surface using a Mosmatic surface cleaner to gently pressure wash the surface.

This particular driveway was in Finchley in North West London, however we have restored resin bond driveways across London and surrounding home counties including in areas like Hillingdon, Harrow, Brent, Barnet, Ealing, Enfield and Camden.

Along with tarmac surfaces resin bond is one of the easiest surfaces to mark or damage when cleaning. This is often seen when people clean the resin bound surface using a surface cleaner in straight lines, in the pressure washing industry these are referred to as ‘tram lines’ and these are most likely caused from the spinning jets in the surface cleaner being to close to the surface or set at too high a pressure.

The black marks on the resin driveway that can se seen in the before images above are actually organic growth, the nature of the surface allows for organic growth to flourish as it is rather textured than smooth and allows for water to linger on the surface. The damp conditions this causes leads to organic growth which eventually presents its self as established moss as can be seen if you look closely at the first image.

As you can see in the after photos above the restored resin bound driveway is much more bright and inviting, it is no longer slippery and dull and the cleaner, brighter driveway surface actually improves the kerb appeal of the property and arguably a persons mood when entering their home everyday.

If your looking for an experienced company who can clean your resin bond driveway without damaging it then please get in touch for your free quotation.

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