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Creating Cleaner, healthier places to live...
Creating Cleaner, healthier places to live...

Commercial Building Cleaning

Case Study: Virgin Airplane Hanger Cleaning Gatwick Airport

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Commercial building cleaning. 

If you are looking for a company to clean your commercial or industrial building?, whether that be the cladded surround elevations, whether that be on ground level, around the building such as the car park or walkways or even the apron where the aeroplanes come into the hanger. Or whether it be the roof of your building, then you want a company that’s going to deliver great results and perform the task safely.

Here at LBC, we have CHAS and Constructionline Gold Accreditations and our operatives have undergone working at height safety training. We are trained and experienced in cleaning a range of surfaces at high level. Take for example, this case study where we cleaned the apron, all surround sides of the cladded building and even the roof of this airplane hangar at Gatwick Airport.

The example below was on the Virgin building and they were refurbing the whole building, meaning cleaning all the exterior surfaces on the building and then repainting to totally refresh the building and give it a new lease of life.

For this job, we had to use a combination of access methods, including standard cherry pickers, super large cherry pickers, and also using fall arrest equipment and the Mansafe system, which was installed on the roof.

Fall arrest equipment is where you use a combination of harnesses and ropes and attachment points to minimize the risk of having a fall from a roof and to prevent a fall from a roof using ropes and a rope grab or a fall arrest mechanism, as also referred to.

Why do you need to clean commercial buildings? For many people taking out a commercial lease, they will enter into an FRI lease, which is a full repairing and in insuring lease. This basically means that the tenant has to take care of all the maintenance of the property, and at the end of the tenancy, they need to hand the property back as they first took it. For many commercial landlords, this means a investment at the end of their tenure to ensure that the building is up to standard. Common tasks at the end of an FRI lease would be to clean the cladding on the building, possibly even repaint the cladding if necessary, to clean the roof and the guttering and to clean all areas around the ground level.

That’s where LBC can help. We have restored hundreds of commercial and industrial buildings across Greater London, with experience on working across many industries, including aircraft and railway.


How often should you wash a building?

You should wash a building as often as is required to keep the building clean. The cleaning interval will vary from building to building depending on the local factors which contribute to the staining on a building and local weather conditions. 

For example a building near a busy main road or surrounded by trees will get ‘dirty’ quicker than one away from main roads and not surrounded by trees. Also a building in a damp , humid climate will get dirty quicker that one in a consistently warm and dry climate.

When hiring professional building cleaning companies they will often use biocides or fungicides when cleaning which help to kill all the organic growth on a building and also increase the time taken for organic growth to grow back.



How do you clean a building?

How you clean a building depends on the fabric of the patina of the building and also on the condition of the ‘dirt’ on that surface. We put dirt in inverted commas as often the staining on the building is natural organic growth. There is however other types of staining which require different methods of cleaning for example atmospheric pollution or carbon staining.

The three main methods of cleaning a commercial building are;

Steam Cleaning

Pressure washing

Soft Washing .

Why Should you clean your commercial building?

First Impressions count, what does your building say about you?

A buildings look and feel contribute to the working environment and can even affect peoples mood.

Which would you prefer a damp, algae ridden building or a fresh and clean exterior?

Not only does the local environment affect the people working their but also the people you attract to work in your company.

Again , all other factors being equal which would you prefer to work at a run done site or a well kept one?

As well as aesthetical reasons regular cleaning of the building and site should be carried out to ensure the guttering system functions as it should and also to minimis trips and slips in the workplace.


How much does commercial building cleaning cost?

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