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Creating Cleaner, healthier places to live...
Creating Cleaner, healthier places to live...

TORC Brick and Stone Cleaning/Restoration

What is the TORC System?

TORC was founded in 1999 and has developed a unique system for cleaning stone, brick, concrete, metal, and glass surfaces using a combination of low-pressure water and non-abrasive media.

The TORC method involves a specially designed nozzle that mixes compressed air with water and a fine granular substance (usually baking soda) to create a gentle abrasive slurry. The nozzle sprays the slurry onto the surface being cleaned at a low pressure of less than 50 psi. This low-pressure stream of abrasive particles gently removes surface dirt, grime, and pollutants without damaging the underlying substrate.

The TORC method is effective in removing dirt, grime, paint, efflorescence, algae, and moss from a variety of surfaces, including historic buildings, monuments, and sculptures. This method is ideal for sensitive surfaces that require gentle cleaning, such as soft brick, terracotta, and sandstone.

It is important to note that the TORC abrasive cleaning method should be carried out by trained professionals to ensure adequate preparation, protection, and post-cleaning procedures. Additionally, some municipalities have regulations around the use of abrasive cleaning methods, so it is important to check with local authorities before beginning any cleaning project.

TORC , Railway Arch brick cleaning

What are the Uses for TORC?

Torc cleaning machines have been used on a wide range of projects including stone and brick restoration, historic preservation, graffiti removal, paint removal, and cleaning of monuments and facades.

Torc Machine for stain removal

The TORC machine can be used to get stubborn stains and deposits off brickwork where steam cleaning methods may struggle. 

Such staining as calcium and limescale deposits on brickwork which are often caused by water escaping from the brick and mortar joints.

Efflorescence on brickwork and it is really good for carbon stain removal from stonework.

What is the Difference between DOFF and TORC?

The DOFF and TORC Systems are both built by the same company but they are very different systems. 

The DOFF system cleans using just superheated water where as the TORC system cleans using water, air and fine inert granulate.

The three types of granulate recommended for use are calcite, dolomite and Unil.

The DOFF system produces more water than the TORC system. The DOFF system produces 5 litres per minute whereas the TORC system produces 25 litres per hour.

Both systems have 


The back of a van with hoses for Exterior Cleaning.