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Creating Cleaner, healthier places to live...
Creating Cleaner, healthier places to live...

DOFF Steam Cleaner

In this blog post we are going to have a closer look at the DOFF Steam Cleaner 

What is The DOFF Steam Cleaner?

The DOFF steam cleaner is steam cleaning system which is able to produce super high temperatures for cleaning applications.

What Is A DOFF Machine?

The DOFF machine is made up of several components, the key items being a pressure washing pump, a burner (sometimes referred to a s a boiler), a fuel delivery system and an electronic thermostat. Together these items make up the DOFF machine. 

The DOFF machine is a compact, robust mobile unit encompassing the above elements which make it ideal for cleaning certain cleaning applications.

What’s So Special about The DOFF Cleaning Machine?

The DOFF cleaning system is special because it is well built, robust , relatively compact and easy to transport. These factors make it great for working on construction sites. The way it is designed and the combination of the boiler and pressure washing pump used allow the system to generate super high temperatures at the cleaning tip of the lance at a low pressure which makes the cleaning method suitable to clean delegate substrates without causing damage. 

The DOFF system produces up to 150 degrees steam at the tip of the cleaning lance with a restricted pressure of 100 bar and a restricted flow of just 5 litres per minute. Therefore the system produces relatively low amounts of water and pressure when comparing to other hot pressure washing systems with larger pressure washing pumps.

DOFF Cleaning Requested on Tender  

The DOFF system is often requested on cleaning tenders and refurbishment projects even for historic ad listed buildings as the combination of super high temperatures and relatively low pressure make the system ideal for restoring brick, stone, render and other materials without causing damage.

What is Stonehealth?

Stonehealth are the company who build and produce the DOFF machine. They are located near Bristol.

What is a Stonehealth accredited DOFF Cleaning Contractor?

A Stonehealth accredited DOFF Steam cleaning contractor is a company which meets the following three requirements.

  1. They Own there own DOFF Machine 
  2. They get their DOFF machine serviced annually by Stonehealth
  3. They collect positive reviews and testimonials annual for DOFF steam cleaning work.

Alternatives to the DOFF Machine

Popular alternatives to the DOFF steam cleaning machine include the Thermotech machine, built by Restorative techniques.

The V Tuff Steam Cleaner, built by the Fenco group 

the Torik machine built by Tensid.

All of these are mobile units compromising of pressure washing pumps and boiler systems to produce steam for cleaning.

What’s the difference between a DOFF & a Hot Pressure Washer?

The main difference between a DOFF Machine and a standard van pack hot pressure washing machine is the size, the ease to manoeuvrer, the size of the pressure washing pump and the combination of pressure, flow and heat that the system is designed to produce.