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Creating Cleaner, healthier places to live...
Creating Cleaner, healthier places to live...

Chewing Gum Removal

Some 374 Billion pieces of chewing gum are sold worldwide each year. The scale of the product combined with the large majority of the populations bad habit for incorrect disposal of the product, make chewing gum a sticky problem.

Chewing gum is especially a problem in many cities, and urban areas such as towns and villages. 

London has a massive chewing gum problem. Gum litter is not only unsightly, but it can also be difficult and costly to remove. It is also unhygienic, as a piece of gum can harbour many germs from a persons mouth.

According to Keep Britain Tidy, chewing gum litter can cost local councils in the UK millions of pounds each year to clean up.

Often these local authorities require help from specialist cleaning companies due to the scale of the gum problem.

To address this problem in London, there have been a number of initiatives and campaigns to encourage responsible gum disposal and reduce litter. Here are a few examples:

  1. “Bin It Your Way”: This campaign by Keep Britain Tidy encourages people to dispose of their gum responsibly by putting it in a bin or taking it home with them.

  2. Gumdrop Ltd: This London-based company collects used chewing gum and recycles it into a range of products, including gumdrop bins which are used to collect more gum. The company works with local councils, universities, and businesses to reduce gum litter.

  3. Gum Removal Machines: Some local councils in London use specialist gum removal machines to remove gum from pavements and other public areas. These machines use a combination of steam and a cleaning solution to dissolve and remove the gum.

  4. Fines: Littering, including dropping chewing gum, is illegal in the UK and can result in a fine. Some London boroughs have increased the fines for littering to deter people from dropping their gum.

Overall, addressing the problem of chewing gum litter in London requires a combination of approaches, including education, awareness-raising campaigns, and effective cleaning methods.

Chewing Gum Removal Methods 

The two most effective methods for gum removal from paving are using steam cleaning equipment and also using chewing gum removal machines such as the ecogum maxe.

The first method mentioned is done using hot pressure washing equipment which can produce steam at the lance. when the jet is pointed at the base of the gum this lifts and melts the gum and removes the physical substance from the paving. 

The eco gum removal machine is a back pack system consisting of a liquid delivery device and a gas cartridge. The liquid is heated in the lance and delivered to the base of the chewing gum. The tip of the lance has metal bristles which are