Are you looking for a chewing gum removal service?

Chewing gum has become a serious problem in towns all across London. The sticky stuff is littering thousands of pavements across our capital city and is exceptionally bad in areas with high footfall such as outside bus and tube stations.

Whats the best method fro removing chewing gum from streets?

We offer two main methods for removing chewing gum effectively from paving.

Using a back pack system and also with our hot pressure washing service.

Both methods of removing gum from street paving have their advantages and disadvantages.

Hot Pressure washing or steam cleaning to remove gum from paving slabs is effective and fast however pavements need to be cordoned off when cleaning to protect the public. The back pack systems we use such as the Gum Buster machine can be used alongside pedestrian traffic as it is a safer and more discrete method for removing gum when members of the public are around.

The gum buster system works by using gas to heat gum removal solution with at the tip of the wand comes out as steam, this is combined with agitation at the tip from a wire bristled brush.


How long does it take to remove gum from paving?

on average steam cleaning or hot pressure washing can remove gum from paving at the rate of 1 piece every 2-3 seconds. Comparing to the back pack system which removes gum slower at the rate of 1 piece every 7-10 seconds.

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