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Creating Cleaner, healthier places to live...
Creating Cleaner, healthier places to live...

Roof Cleaning Rickmansworth

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Roof Cleaning in WD3 & HA6 Postcodes

Here at LBC we love working on beautiful houses and helping transform properties by making the roof look new again like this roof clean in Rickmansworth.

Over years roof tiles naturally become ‘dirty’ looking as they become covered in organic growth such as lichen, algae and moss this can often make the tiles appear black in colour with visible white spots which is often mistaken for bird poo. These white spots are more commonly lichen which also grows on patios and walls around your property. This can safely be removed using the right methods. 

The main problem with roofs in the UK is usually the moss growth which clogs up guttering and annoyingly falls onto driveways and patios, as well as this moss can actually start to grow between the tiles and begin to dislodge roof tiles and threaten the integrity of the roof. 

Here at LBC we are vastly experienced with cleaning roofs and even have our own cherry picker which we specifically invested in to help make accessing roofs for cleaning easier and safer. Our cherry picker has a jib arm so can often go up and over the ridge of your roof giving some access to clean the rear sections also. 

Our team are fully trained and qualified with the access equipment that we use which includes our cherry picker and also scaffold towers which we generally erect to help us clean areas where our cherry picker cants. 

Often with old roofs there may be tiles that are damaged or pointing that is missing, we can take care of this for you as we work closely with local roofers.

All our roof cleans include cleaning out the guttering, treating the roof with a biocide which is a product that helps to deter moss growth and also a full clean up at ground level. 

LBC started out in Harrow and many of our residential roof cleaning is still around the Harrow and Watford areas. We have cleaned several roofs in Rickmansworth around the Loudwater lane area and including nearby Chorleywood and Northwood.