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Creating Cleaner, healthier places to live...

Carbon Stain Removal From Brickwork

Remove Atmospheric Pollution Staining From Your Brickwork

Carbon Stain Removal

Are you interested in getting the carbon staining removed from your brickwork?

Carbon staining is often found on brickwork on buildings that are in urban areas and close to busy roads where the carbon monoxide produced by the vehicles on the roads gets onto and into the brickwork and this soot like by-product can stain the brickwork and detract from the bricks original appearance.

Here at LBC we use the DOFF steam cleaning machine to remove carbon staining from brickwork when combining this non abrasive cleaning method with a carbon removing solution.

This method uses an acid which eats into the carbon on the brickwork and is shortly after steam cleaned off with a relatively low pressure and super high temperature. When using this method we ensure that windows, glass and paving are protecting to avoid any damage from the acid.

We can also remove carbon from brickwork using the TORC or IBIX machines which are abrasive methods of removing carbon. These machines use a gentle vortex of crushed aggregate to remove the deposits from the brickwork. Similar to sand blasting but a lot more gentle on the surface being cleaned.

Here’s a project we recently completed for a building company we work for. The building company were carrying out some refurbishment works to this block of flats near the North Circular in Brent Cross North London.

There are two main methods we offer for removing carbon staining from brickwork

a steam clean and acid treatment as seen in this video or by using a TORC machine which is done by controlled abrasive.

In the video below we remove the atmospheric pollution by applying a carbon removal acid to the brickwork and then steam cleaning the solution and the carbon off using our DOFF machine.

The black carbon staining marks on the brickwork  has been caused from the high levels of carbon monoxide in the air due to the location of the building and the main road.

By removing the black stains we restore the brickwork closer to how it originally looked, brightening up every elevation and bringing a new lease of life to this block of flats. When cleaning brickwork we use high temperature and a low pressure to ensure no damage is done to the bricks or the pointing.

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