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Creating Cleaner, healthier places to live...

London Pressure Washing Company Saves the day for the London Lord Mayor’s Show

London Pressure Washing Company

Pressure Washing at the Royal Courts of Justice
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The Lord Mayor’s Show 2021

Alderman Vincent Keaveny has been elected as the 693rd Lord mayor of the city of London and the 2021 Lord Mayor’s show is on in one hour from writing this at 11am on Saturday 13thNovember 2021.

The show dates back to the early 13th Century, when King John rashly allowed the city of London to appoint its own Mayor.

He insisted that each new mayor should come to Westminster and swear loyalty to the crown. So the Lord Mayor of London has been making that journey for over 800 years and today he gets to walk over some paving that looks almost as good as the day it was laid when the first Lord Mayor walked the very same route.

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On Wednesday 10th of November at 11.01 am we got the call.

”The London Lord Mayor Show is on this Saturday at 11am and there is a load of paving that needs to be cleaned before the event at The Royal Court of Justice!”

A London Pressure Washing Company had turned up three hours late and with the wrong equipment the night before to do the job and had been chucked off site.

The main contractor had at least three weeks to get this job done but it had been left till the very last minute and our contact needed someone in urgently.

Despite being about 6 weeks booked up in our working calendar, we committed to getting it done.

A big thanks to Richard from Jet Wash Away who we teamed up with on this project to deliver the service.

The first night went smoothly with Dumitru, Mitchell and Conan on site to get the job started, we managed to complete the main area where the mayor will be walking in and also another smaller area to the left of this with our Mosmatic surface cleaner and hot mobile pressure washing equipment eating through the years of dirt (see video below)

It nearly Goes Horribly Wrong...

The second night was a different story…

Dumitru and Christina turned up to site to complete the works but someone up the line had forgot to book us in and there wasn’t an assigned security member to escort us while doing the job. ( The Royal courts of justice have strict security protocols and there are several locked gates and all contractors need a full time security escort)

Several late night phone calls between the companies involved and the security and all chance of getting the work done was looking bleak, but by pure persistence and not giving up we managed to eventually get access and crack on with the job.

The £1000’s of pounds we pay each and every year for licensed standpipes from both Thames water and Aquam water boards to use the wash outs in the streets really paid off for this job as there was limited water supply available on site.

The newly elected London Lord mayor will be able to walk proudly and safely into his swearing in session without any risk of slipping or falling due to dirty paving.

Big shout out to Dumi and Christina for hanging in there and waiting several hours before they could get started and for staying till early morning hours of Saturday to get the job done in time for the big event. 

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