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Creating Cleaner, healthier places to live...
Creating Cleaner, healthier places to live...

Roof Light Cleaning

Roof Light / Sky Light / Roof Window Cleaning

A cleaner roof can save you money!

That’s a bold statement to make but its 100% true, especially if your roof is covered in roof lights which are designed to let natural light into your building.

With rising energy bills, savvy building owners are ensuring that any roof lights/ Sky lights and any windows on the roof are as clean as possible to let in as much natural light to their commercial or industrial building.

In our UK climate, moulds, algae and mosses will grow over time on roofs all across the UK.

This organic growth often descries as ‘dirt’ can most commonly be black or green in appearance and form a film on any surface. 

This is especially seen on roofs right across the UK and indeed roof lights, skylights and any windows in the roof become covered in this ‘film’ preventing natural light from getting into the building.

At the time of writing the UK is facing ‘a cost of living crisis’ with rising energy bills contributing to the cause. The energy bill relief scheme has been launched by the UK government in an attempt to help households and businesses. 

The bill gives energy users financial support with energy bills for 6 months from October 1st. Many believe this will be extended to help home owners but unlikely for businesses.

Instead of capping rates the government have limited the wholesale price that suppliers pay to generators for energy.

So if you are in a building with in effective roof lights you will likely spend more on artificial light to light the space during the day time.

When’s the last time your skylights were cleaned?

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