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Creating Cleaner, healthier places to live...

Library Restoration- Steam Cleaning Brick, Stone and Render on Library Building

Library Building Restoration
Council Building Cleaning Company

Harlesden Library restoration- Steam cleaning brick, stone and render on Library Building.

Often you will find a library in a beautiful old council owned building in your local town.

Sadly these stunning buildings can be neglected and over time the exterior of the building can deteriorate.

Such deterioration is often presented in mould growth on brickwork and pointing. Black spot and organic growth in stone and discoloration of render due to algae’s flourishing.

As well as the above if the buildings are on a busy street the bricks and stone can suffer from carbon staining often referred to as atmospheric pollution staining. 

These stains are harder to remove but can be removed with the correct equipment and knowledge.

In the video below our team are cleaning Harlesden library using steam cleaning methods. This high temperature low pressure approach helps to clean organic staining without damaging the substrate, in this instance the bricks, stones or render.