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In the Months of March and April our Experienced Stonehealth Rosette accredited team members set out restoring this historic building in Cricklewood. 

Steam cleaning all the stonework and brickwork and also removing the carbon staining from the yellow bricks.


Cricklewood pumping station was built in 1905 to supply water to London’s North West Suburbs. It is situated next to Gladstone park and is a locally listed building. 

Using the DOFF machine and other steam cleaning equipment we cleaned the brick and stone using super high temperatures and low pressure to ensure the brick or stone wasn’t damaged. The building had also started to grow vegetation from crevices which we removed and treated with a biocidal wash.

A two part non abrasive method was used to treat and then remove the carbon deposits which had likely been built up over the years when the chimney was coal fired or could also have been built up from North London’s local traffic pollution.

Carbon staining often cannot be removed using steam cleaning alone and required either a chemical application to treat the carbon deposits or an abrasive method such as TORC or IBIX machines. 

On this project the client wanted to ensure no damage to the patina so opted for a non abrasive cleaning method.

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