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What to look for when choosing a jet washing company

‘Jet wash near me’, ‘jet washing service near me’ and ‘jet wash patio near me’ are three of the most common searches on google for people looking for a local jet washing company.

But is locality really the only variable people need to look for when selecting a jet wash company?

When google pulls up the results for the top local jet washing companies near you what next?

How do you decide which is the best jet washing services to use?

What to look for when choosing a jet washing company

1.Online Jet Washing reviews

Check their google reviews, you want a jet washing company with lots of 5 star reviews and lots of recent reviews. You also want to read the reviews and check they are relevant for the service you are looking for. For example if there are reviews about jet washing decking, jet washing patio’s and jet washing driveways it is safe to say that you have found a jet washing company

2.Age of the Jet washing company

You want to choose a professional jet wash company that has several years of experience. LBC have been providing jet washing services across London now for over 8 years and we can honestly say that the equipment we use , and the results that we achieve has significantly improved over the years.

3. Jet washing Equipment

Hot jet washing or steam cleaning can produce significantly better driveway and patio cleaning results when compared with cold jet washing. A hot water jet wash helps to kill stubborn marks from patios such as black spot and green algae staining. The hot water also kills the organic spores that may be present in the driveway or patio helping the surface to stay cleaner for longer.

4. Jet Washing Results

You want to see several examples of jet washing transformations. There are many jet washing companies out there that either use stock images or steal images from others websites. One way to ensure you choose a jet washing company that is the real deal is to check their photos for evidence that they actually carried out the driveway or patio transformation. Look for a signed jet washing van or uniformed jet washing operatives in photos. Another great way to check that the jet washing pictures are real is to check their social media channels. LBC regularly post driveway and patio cleaning transformations on our Facebook and Instagram pages.

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