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Creating Cleaner, healthier places to live...
Creating Cleaner, healthier places to live...

Natural Stone Cleaning at Base of Tower- Imperial College London

Natural Stone Steam Cleaning

Natural Stone Cleaning & Bin Cleaning

We have been working with Imperial College London now for several years helping them maintain different aspects on several of their sites with natural stone cleaning and bin cleaning.

Regular bin and bin store cleaning at their campus in Acton, Communal paving cleaning at the White City campus, and now our favourite project to date for this client, cleaning the stone at the base of this iconic monument.

It’s always great when the client has done their research and knows the best method of restoration for a project. For this project, the estate manager knew that the stone needed steam cleaning rather than just pressure washing.

The DOFF steam cleaning machine is great when a combination of high temperatures and low pressure is required to clean the surface and that’s exactly what was needed for this job.

Due to the stone being porous the steam kills more of the organic growth than cold pressure washing would do alone. As the flow and pressure levels on the DOFF machine are much lower than our other high-pressure washing equipment a job that could normally be done in one day with one machine took three days with two machines to complete. This is why steam cleaning can be a lot more expensive than cold pressure washing.

As well as steam cleaning we gave this surface a fungicidal wash to help kill the stubborn black spots of algae that had been growing for years inside the stone.

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