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Creating Cleaner, healthier places to live...
Creating Cleaner, healthier places to live...

Render Cleaning in North London

Render Facade Cleaning Kings Cross

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Looking for Render Cleaning in North London?

Watch our video below where we transform this block of flats in Camden in North London by steam cleaning the render and removing years of organic build up.

Acrylic pre mixed Renders have become increasing popular for builders and developers over the last decade or so, although stronger and more water resistant than the traditional sand and cement based renders, these newer coloured renders are textured and breathable and create the ideal growth conditions when mixed with the British climate for moss and algae’s to flourish. These organic growths usually present themselves in green, black or yellow staining and are best treated early on.

It is important not to attempt to clean any type of coloured render with high pressure, as you will see in the video below our team use low pressure high temperature method such as the DOFF steam cleaning system.

Renders can also be cleaned by softwashing, this is by applying biocides to the surface to kill the organic matter. This can be done using a fungicidal wash or for more immediate results a bleach based biocide.

Let us help transform your building and create a much nicer environment for people to live in. You wont have to worry about challenging access issues as we can use a variety of rope access techniques, telescopic cleaning equipment and access platforms.

Take a look at our satisfying render cleaning video!