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Creating Cleaner, healthier places to live...
Creating Cleaner, healthier places to live...

DOFF Steam Cleaning London

London Based Rosette Approved DOFF Steam Cleaning Contractor

DOFF is the preferred system of choice for many restoration tasks and it is often the system recommended on tenders for cleaning brick and stone buildings.

DOFF Steam Cleaning Buildings Across London

Is the DOFF system approved by English Heritage?
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The Doff system is approved by English Heritage, as the equipment works by producing superheated water/steam which cleans the patina of buildings gently when compared to high pressure methods. The steam also leaves the surface quickly reducing any risk of freeze-thaw weathering. The DOFF system produces a fan of hot water/steam at superheated temperatures and low pressure to ensure great cleaning capabilities without the risk of damaging the substrate.

The DOFF steam cleaning system produces a low pressure at super high temperatures for this reason it is great for cleaning bricks, stone and render as it kills the organic growth and cleans the surface without damaging the material.

The DOFF system consists of a boiler and a pressure washer pump, compared to standard pressure washers which are used for driveway and patio cleaning the DOFF system produces a far lower flow pressure and amount of water when cleaning.

The DOFF system can also be used for paint removal.

DOFF Can Be Used for The Following:

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