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Brick Cleaning

Are You Looking for a Professional, Experienced Brick Cleaning Company for Your Brick Restoration Project?

LBC Clean provide brick cleaning services to commercial and domestic properties from our base in North West London to areas all over London including Camden, Wembley, Hampstead, Finchley, Kilburn, Paddington, Marylebone, Euston and Chelsea and Fulham.We provide brick cleaning and brick restoration services in North London, South London, West London and East London and right across Greater London and the boroughs surrounding London such as Hertfordshire, Bedfordshire, Buckinghamshire and Herefordshire.We have cleaned thousands of square metres of brickwork over the years. We work with development companies, brickwork contractors, building and restoration companies plus home or building owners to make their buildings look great .Our preferred method for brick cleaning and restoration is using the DOFF steam cleaning system however we can also use TORC or IBIX systems.TORC and IBIX systems use abrasive cleaning to take a small layer of the surface of the brick off in order to remove the staining which can often be carbon from pollution.The DOFF system is widely recommended by architects, surveyors and even English heritage for brick cleaning as it is a non abrasive system meaning that there is absolutely no damage to the surface material when cleaning. The DOFF system achieves this as the machine produces super heated water at 100 bar of pressure which is relatively low when compared to regular pressure washing. The heat at the tip of the lance which is used for cleaning can reach 150 degrees so the DOFF machine cleans bricks easily when removing organic staining, ivy roots or general dust and cement stains from brickwork however to remove carbon (pollution staining with the DOFF machine) an additional process of applying a carbon removal product is required.
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What to look for when choosing a brick cleaning contractor

When choosing a brick cleaning contractor it’s important that you choose a professional, experienced company.

You want to ensure they use the correct cleaning methods and do not just blast the brickwork with high pressured water which will damage the bricks and pointing.

Look for evidence of previous jobs and examine before and after pictures or ask for references from previous jobs.

Ensure the company has the correct liability insurances

If using acid or chemicals to remove staining such as carbon or cement staining ensure that the operators are COSHH trained and use chemicals or acids safely.

It is also vitally important that other areas of your property are protected when using any type of acid such as glass, window frames and any patio below as the acid used for brickwork cleaning is very strong and can stain or even etch these other items which can cause irreversible damage. This is why its super important to choose a well recommended, well established and well experienced company for brickwork cleaning so you can receive a professional service obtaining the results you desire without any costly damage.

A common brick cleaning chemical used in the cleaning process is muriatic acid. Whilst this can be very beneficial when thoroughly cleaning down bricks, it’s important to ensure that when used as part of a brick cleaning mixture, it only makes up 10 percent of the entire mix. 

As part of our brick cleaning service, we always ensure that we are using the correct equipment needed for the brickwork. All chemicals are measured correctly and are checked against the brick material. 

Our aim is to ensure that by taking advantage of our brick cleaning services, our customers in areas such as Hampstead, Wembley and Finchley will be able to enjoy their brickwork for many more years to come. 


Key Service Features

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Does Brick Need To Be Cleaned?

Just like the blocks or slabs on a driveway or patio, bricks on a vertical structure such as brick walls also need to be cleaned to maintain the appearance. Brickwork which is not cleaned will begin to change in appearance for example the brickwork could begin to appear black or green from organic growth growing on the surface. Brickwork which is not cleaned can also lead to more established organic growths such as vegetation or even climbing ivy.

How much is Brick Cleaning?

Brick cleaning can start from as little as £2+vat / Square metre for large commercial projects. This is when there are multiple plots to wash and there is a clear run of work.

Domestic projects, where the size of the job is much smaller prices from around £10+vat/ square metre.

There are several factors which influence the cost which include;

  • The size of the job
  • Access to water and power
  • Whether any chemicals are required to achieve desired outcome (what stains need removing)
  • Access – Is direct access from scaffolding available or is there need for telescopic equipment or a cherry picker to access the cleaning area?. We have our own company cherry picker and our team are IPAF trained and qualified.
  • If a scaffolding tower is required we have our own and our team are PASMA trained and qualified.

What Is the Best Method For Cleaning Brickwork?

The best method for cleaning brickwork is using steam cleaning equipment. This is equipment that cleans using high temperature and low pressure water. That’s why you will often see the DOFF system recommended on tenders where brick, stone or building cleaning and restoration is required. The DOFF system is a piece of steam cleaning equipment.

LBC are Rosette approved and recommended DOFF steam cleaning contractors from Stonehealth the people who make the DOFF machine.