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Creating Cleaner, healthier places to live...
Creating Cleaner, healthier places to live...

Clinical Waste Bin Cleaning

Now more than ever it has become apparent how important deep cleaning and disinfecting are.

The act of disinfecting reduces or eliminates certain pathogens such as bacteria,fungi and Viruses

We use anti viral disinfectant in our waste container cleaning systems

A group of garbage bins parked in a parking lot undergoing Exterior Cleaning.

We have been disinfecting bins since our company formed in 2012.

Disinfecting is done using hot water or disinfectant when cleaning bins. With the current health pandemic the awareness for the importance of a fully enclosed, sealed bin cleaning unit has come to light. Many bin cleaning systems, (including some we own ourselves) pose the risk of creating airborne particles as the process is carried out outside.

Fully automated,fully enclosed commercial bin cleaning truck

is one of a kind in London, it is ideal for cleaning clinical waste bins as the bin is cleaned inside an enclosed space which significantly reduces the risk of any air borne bacteria or viruses being sprayed into the atmosphere. Not only that but it is safer for the person carrying out the cleaning work. Many bin cleaning systems require an operator with a lance to clean a bin which poses the threat of backfiring any nastiest which may be in the bin.

Hospital Bin Cleaning

At a time like this when virus control is soo important the safest way for cleaning medical waste containers is by using a fully automated , fully enclosed bin cleaning truck like our one below.