Bin Chute Cleaning

Bin Chute Disinfection and sanitation is an important part of a building’s maintenance. Rubbish chutes that are not cleaned and maintained on a regular basis can become a fire hazard!.

Oils, fats and other flammable by-products of waste can build up on the inside of refuse chutes. If not cleaned and professionally maintained, the dirty waste chutes can contribute to a foul smelling environment and also become a health hazard and attract unwanted pests if not maintained properly.

By high pressure steam washing and de-greasing, using rotating jets we can effectively clean your bin chutes. The spinning jets are safely winched up through the centre of the chute cleaning in a circular motion using custom built winches specifically designed for this purpose.

London Bin Cleaning provide professional service’s which include;

Refuse Chute cleaning, disinfection and deodorisation

LBC  provide the total solution to dirty, smelly bin refuse chutes. We use purpose built rotating jet attachments which are lowered slowly from the top of the chute to the bottom. Using de-greasers and deodorisers combined with high pressure hot water jet washing from our mobile cleaning units, we can safely and effectively wash the inside of the waste tunnel ensuring a cleansed waste chute and a nicer environment for residents to live in.

All waste water and contaminants are contained, removed from site and disposed of at our site in accordance to Trade effluent regulations .We provide risk assessments and method statements and have full public and employers liability.

London Bin Cleaning provide professional service’s which include;