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Creating Cleaner, healthier places to live...
Creating Cleaner, healthier places to live...

Banish Pests and Smells: 5 Surprising Benefits of Regular Professional Bin Cleaning

It’s not a glamorous job, but it’s a worthwhile one to banish pests and smells

We’re talking about bin cleaning, of course. And with bin collections sometimes up to random chance, the downsides of a dirty bin are starting to become realities.

Here are 5 surprising benefits of regular professional bin cleaning.

1. Waft Away the Whiff

As local councils shift away from picking bins up from narrow back lanes, more and more of us now have to keep bins at the front of the property, often right next to our door.

That means visitors to your home often get a whiff of your bins as they approach your home. Hardly the best first impression.

Cleaning your bins will get rid of the swamp that tends to settle in the bottom of a wheelie bin, which is the source of that foul reek.

2. Pest Control

One of the most obvious advantages of keeping your bin clean will be the reduction in pests, both insect and mammal.

A clean bin won’t do much to deter the likes of seagulls, but many other creatures are attracted to the fetid smells, and pests like maggots can lurk in the bottom of a deep bin, leading to swarms of flies.

Keeping your bins clean and your rubbish bagged with limit the smells wafting from your bin, which will make them less attractive to vermin like flies and rats.

3. No Hole in Your Bucket

Pests aren’t just a health risk, as anyone who has seen a squirrel or rat take a nibble out of a bin can tell you.

Despite bins being made of unappetising plastic, some vermin are more than happy to chew through them in search of the goods inside. It’s surprising how much damage they can do, and it can lead to you having to buy a replacement bin.

4. Keeping Up Appearances

You may not be Hyacinth Bucket, but we all like our homes to look nice. With wheelie bins parked out front like tasteless ornaments, the least we can do is spruce them up.

Professional cleaners can restore a bin to its former beauty(?) to keep your property looking that little bit nicer and provide a more welcoming approach for your guests.

5. Neighbourhood Watch

It can’t be said that the spirit of local community is the strength of the 21st century. How many of us even know our neighbours, these days?

Try bringing a little community pride back by cleaning your bins. You won’t just improve your property—you’ll also bring up the standard of the street, too. You might even encourage a neighbour or two to do the same.

If it catches on, your street will be that much cleaner. It’s worth a try!

The Importance of Bin Cleaning

Bin cleaning might not be the sexiest topic ever, but it is one of those little things you can do to make your life and everyone else’s more pleasant. If your stomach isn’t up to the job, you can always leave it to the professionals.

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