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Creating Cleaner, healthier places to live...
Creating Cleaner, healthier places to live...

3 Amazing Benefits of Using a Concrete Patio Sealer for Your Outdoor Space

Like all outdoor spaces, a patio needs protection from the elements. Rain, snow, wind, and sun will wear away at your beautiful stone in no time. With a concrete patio sealer, you can keep moisture and erosion at bay, preserving the quality of your patio for longer.

Not convinced? Check out these three amazing benefits of sealing pavers, which showcase why and how to seal patios for maximum protection.

1. Keeps Mould and Weeds at Bay

Concrete absorbs water in its natural state. Without a sealant, this moisture will collect and form a breeding ground for mould. The longer you leave mould and mildew wet, the faster it will grow and overtake your patio.

While you can clean mildew, it will leave behind stains, ruining your finish. On top of that, mould contains contaminants that you shouldn’t breathe in. It’s a health hazard and will destroy the atmosphere of your patio.

If you notice black spots or lichen growth on your patio, you can get it cleaned up fast with the help of a professional cleaning company. They will apply a cleaning solution and pressure wash the mould away, leaving your patio looking brand new.

2. Increases Durability and Life

As soon as you apply a concrete patio sealer, you can rest assured it will increase the durability of the stone. Without this type of attention, concrete will crack and split over time. If you drop something on the fragile stone, the damage will get worse and worse.

Sealant also provides protection against spills. Outdoor spaces are prone to stains from oil leaks and grime. With a sealer, spills will slide right off the stone and leave nothing behind.

If you leave your concrete patio exposed to the elements, it will wear down fast. A sealant that protects against splits, spills, and sun will last longer. You can enjoy your patio even after the harshest of winters.

3. Enhances Colour and Texture

Sealing patios will keep the colours alive and bright. Without a concrete sealing, the elements will wear away at the finish of the stone. It will start to smooth down the texture and turn the stone dull and plain.

Similarly, sealing porches will preserve the natural colour of the wood. If you opt for an expensive type of wood, a hearty sealer will go a long way toward keeping it looking good for longer.

The sun, in particular, is a major cause for discolouration. UV rays will sap the stone or wood of all colour, but you can prevent this with a protective sealer.

The Benefits of Concrete Patio Sealer Don’t End There

Alongside these three amazing benefits, a concrete patio sealer can do so much more. It can protect your outdoor space from ants and other insects, repel grime, and reduce wear and tear. If you want a nice patio space, concrete sealing is essential.

Need help cleaning or pressure washing your patio? Don’t hesitate to contact us at LBC Exterior. Our complimentary range of cleaning services can transform your outdoor space to look its best.