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Creating Cleaner, healthier places to live...
Creating Cleaner, healthier places to live...

Driveway and Patio Cleaning FAQ’s

How long does it take to clean a driveway?

To clean A standard two-car driveway can take between 3-5 hours depending on the condition.

when opting for a full restoration we then need to return once the paving is dry to resand and reseal which can take another 4-6 hours on average.

Do you remove all the weeds

Yes we remove all the weeds from your driveway or patio and take away all the mess when we are finished

Do you use a Rotary surface cleaner?

Yes, when suitable we use a rotary surface cleaner for larger driveways or patios with little weed growth, we usually use a turbo nozzle to blast out all the weeds.

How long before the weeds will come back?

Weeds can come back within months if you do not get the surface sealed as new seeds can settle in between gaps and start to grow, however sealing helps to prevent this and sealing will ensure that your surface stays weed-free for longer.

What are those black spots on my patio?

The black spots on your patio are most likely areas of lichen growth

We can usually remove these with a cleaning solution or hot water

Will pressure washing damage the pointing between my patio slabs?

Pressure washing will only blow out any weak or damaged pointing, if the pointing is solid and in good condition then pressure washing won’t affect it.

Can I park my car on the driveway after cleaning?

It’s best if you can stay off the driveway until the job is fully completed.

How long after sealing can I walk or park my car?

Aer sealing your driveway try to keep foot traffic off for at least four hours and vehicle traffic for at least 24 hours.