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Creating Cleaner, healthier places to live...

What to look for when choosing a pressure washing company

What to Look for when Choosing a Pressure Washing Company ?

If your choosing a supplier purely based on price you are unlikely to get the best results for your job , However if you are looking for the best results then this blog will help you to understand some of the differences between the people and companies out there offering pressure washing services.

Safety– Our operatives have undergone Pressure washing safety awareness courses and always wear PPE including work boots, Eye Protection and gloves when performing pressure washing. It’s too late if a person or team of people get injured on your property due to ignoring basic safety precautions.

To avoid a nightmare situation like this ask the provider if the person carrying out the work has any safety qualifications and how many years of pressure washing experience

Equipment- Some people offering driveway and patio cleaning as a service are not equipped to provide the best results. Small domestic grade pressure washers are fine for cleaning your car but if you want a top class job on your driveway and patio we would recommend you choose a provider with equipment that can produce at least 3000psi of pressure and at least 21 litres per minute.The high pressure can help with the removal of stubborn mould and algae such as ‘black spot’ on your patio and the flow allows for a more efficient service.

Here at LBC our equipment also has the ability to provide hot pressure washing and steam cleaning which is required when cleaning stubborn stains and brick and stone to get the best results without damaging the surface

Knowledge and Experience

Using the wrong tools and incorrect cleaning methods can damage your surfaces. When generalists try and provide pressure washing services without the correct knowledge and experience it can go horribly wrong, for example here are just a few things we have seen that you should watch out for …

Using turbo nozzles to clean wooded decking (because turbo nozzles will damage wooden decking)

Are you choosing a gardening company or a exterior cleaning company to restore your surface?

Gardeners who have their own pressure washing equipment still choose LBC to do their jet washing when they need a top class job

Here’s some reviews from Gardeners and landscapers that choose us when it comes to exterior cleaning


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