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What’s Included In Our Gutter Cleaning Service

What does a gutter cleaning service consist of?

If you are currently comparing prices to get your gutters cleaned then its important to find out from each supplier what does their gutter cleaning service consist of?

Here at LBC we like to help educate our clients, customers and potential customers and help them become informed buyers. When trying to find the right service company to do your job its important to have a good level of basic understanding of the job at hand. If searching purely based on price you could end up choosing a provider who doesn’t deliver every thing that you need to solve your problem. To give an example, with gutter cleaning some companies turn up just with a gutter cleaning vac,( a hoover with telescopic poles that can hoover out your gutters while the operator remains at ground level)

These are great p[pieces of equipment especially the SkyVac which we also use frequently.

However using only this method will be the correct procedure in very few circumstances.

A gutter vac alone will remove all the debris from your gutters but from ground level you  cant conduct a water test and fix any leaks that commonly occur at jointing brackets.

So if these things are not checked and sorted out this could lead to more expensive damp problems in the future.

That’s why we have developed this handy leaflet to help you understand what a gutter cleaning service can and should consist of and when to choose each level of service.

If you are searching for a gutter cleaning service online you will want to ensure that you are ‘comparing apples with apples’ as the saying goes. It is worth delving deeper to find out exactly what is included in a company’s gutter cleaning service. 

Most people can climb a ladder with a bucket and scoop out the leaves, moss and any other debris that may be in your gutters but this practice alone could leave you with other issues that do not get to the root of the problem such as blocked downpipes or failing seals at the joint of your guttering.

That’s why we have developed our proven 8 step process for cleaning gutters, see what a full gutter cleaning service should consist of;

What does a gutter cleaning service consist of?

The LBC 8 Step Proven Gutter Cleaning Process

  1. We inspect all guttering
  2. We clean out all guttering by SkyVac or traditional methods
  3. Check Guttering Downpipes clearing any blockages (It’s very common for downpipes to get blocked)
  4. We water test all guttering and look for any leaks 
  5. Fix any leaks by either changing the rubbers to form a new tight seal or change the gutter cleaning piece. 
  6. We check the rain water run off drains at ground level to ensure the water from your roof is running away from your property after it comes down the guttering system 
  7. All waste is bagged up and removed from site where we dispose of it.
  8. We provide you with before and after photos for your peace of mind.

The only thing that is not included in our LBC Level gutter cleaning service is adjusting the levelling of guttering. The odd time we come across a property where water is leaking over the guttering. Most of the time this is from a blocked downpipe which is preventing the water from going down the gutter but the odd time this is from poorly installed gutters or if there has been movement in the guttering. If this is the case we need to quote to reinstall the guttering with the correct falls and levelling. This is a much larger job which can often involve taking off all the guttering and starting from scratch to get the falls right. For this type of work we often need a scaffolding tower.

We hope you have found this blog useful and when obtaining quotes from gutter cleaning companies be sure to check what’s included.

Learn more about our gutter cleaning service here.

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