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Creating Cleaner, healthier places to live...

Fly Control 101 for London Homes and Businesses

Fly Control

Winter in London comes with plenty of challenges and problems, from icy roads to frozen pipes. At least we have the benefit of getting a break from flies, though.

Some types of flies practice a form of hibernation during the winter. They stay put in cracks and crevices to remain warm until spring reappears.

Still, reading up on fly control strategies now will help you avoid the fly varieties that are still active all year. You’ll be more prepared to take on those hibernators when they reappear too. Start with these top strategies.

Keep All Food and Water Securely Closed

There’s a reason why flies are frequent picnic invaders. Like any other living thing, they’re attracted to the food they need to survive.

To avoid attracting new flies and to push away the flies you already have, cut off their access to food and water. Make sure all food is kept in a sealed container or is covered in some secure, fly-proof way. Don’t leave standing water sitting out throughout your home either.

Use Fly Screens

Who doesn’t love opening their windows on a crisp spring morning and feeling the fresh air flowing in? Unfortunately, flies love when you do this do because it lets them enter your home.

If you want to keep enjoying open windows, install fly screens in each one. These screens let the sunlight and fresh air through while keeping flies out. They’re easy to install by yourself.

Keep Your Bins Clean

As we mentioned, exposed food is practically a magnet for flies. That doesn’t only apply to the food in your kitchen.

Over time, most homes’ wheeled bins develop a buildup of splatters and residues from old food. This attracts masses of flies, which is why we often see flies crowded around those bins. When these flies are hanging around near your home, they’ll make their way inside when you open the door.

How do you prevent this? Regular bin cleaning services will clear out any residue or other fly-attracting problems in your bin. Don’t forget to clean out your indoor bins every so often as well.

Pick Up After Fido

We all know that flies are attracted to faeces, so without realizing it, your furry friends could be attracting flies to the family home.

For any type of pet, when they use the restroom, clean up after them promptly. This is especially important for dogs and other animals that leave their waste out in the open. When cats bury their waste, it makes it less appealing for flies, but it can still attract flies if you let the litter box fill up for too long.

Here’s the scary part: flies don’t just eat solid waste, they lay their eggs in it. This makes it especially important to keep your home and yard faeces-free: so the flies you already have don’t multiply.

Building Your Fly Control Habits

Proper fly control takes more than an occasional visit from an exterminator. It requires you to maintain certain habits so flies won’t be attracted to your home or won’t have a way to reproduce.

Start by picking up the habits of keeping food closed, using fly screens, and picking up after pets. To schedule your bin cleaning services, call our cleaning team today.