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Creating Cleaner, healthier places to live...
Creating Cleaner, healthier places to live...

What is the best method to clean my roof?

What is the best method to clean my roof? This is a question we often get asked.

At LBC Exterior we like to conduct a home survey before determining the best method to clean any roof. The main things we look for before deciding on the best method for cleaning your roof are;

  • The types of tiles on your roof and also the overall condition of your roof.
  • If you have a smooth concrete or clay tile then your roof may be suitable for pressure washing however if your roof tiles look ‘sandy’ or ‘gritty’ then they may be more porous and be unsuitable for pressure washing.
  • Another factor that needs to be considered is access

Whether you opt for the scrape and bio method or a full pressure wash you need to consider how will your roof be accessed. If you are having the moss removed and this can all be done from gutter level this will keep the cost down. Where possible cherry pickers should be used for safer access, not only are they safer for the people doing the work when compared to ladders but they also help with preventing accidental damages that often can result from ridge ladders or direct contact with the roof tiles.

What is the best method for cleaning my roof

Moss Removal Roof Cleaning

Moss removal is done using scraping tools, the moss is physically and manually scrapped from the top of the roof all the way down, removing the moss from the tiles. There are specially made scrapers for each type of rool tile design to help make scraping as effective as possible. Even the best scraping attempts can leave small amounts of moss growing between the roof tiles and this is why we always treat the roof with a biocidal wash after scraping. The biocide kills any remaining moss spores and helps to keep the roof cleaner and moss free for longer.

Pressure wash Roof Cleaning

Whilst the moss removal methods is suitable for every roof type, pressure washing is only suitable means of cleaning for certain roof tiles.

If you pressure wash tiles that shouldn’t be pressure washed you can end up doing more damage than good, when pressure washing the wrong type of tiles the top layer can be stripped from the tile leaving a more vulnerable and porous tile. When this happens the tiles instead of allowing water to run down them can become more like a sponge almost and hold the water inside them, these porous tiles present ideal conditions for moss and algae to flourish.

Pressure washing your roof can be the right choice if you have a certain type of roof tile and the roof is in good structural condition. Pressure washing your roof when done right can be the best way to truly transform your roofs appearance and bring the tiles back to looking like new

Steam Clean Roof Cleaning

Becoming ever more popular is the roof cleaning method of steam cleaning. Steam cleaning is used instead of pressure washing as it is that bit more gentle on the surface being cleaned . Steam cleaning involves high temperature and low pressure however the draw backs are that it takes a lot longer due to the reduced flow and pressure of water being used.