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Creating Cleaner, healthier places to live...
Creating Cleaner, healthier places to live...

Softwashing Professional Softwash Equipment

What is SoftWashing

Softwashing is a low pressure cleaning method where a biocide or a bleach based cleaning solution is applied to the surface being cleaned. The solutions when diluted and applied correctly kill mildew, algae, moss and other organic staining.

Softwashing is a more gentle approach to cleaning than pressure washing. Softwashing is the more suitable choice of cleaning method for certain types of cleaning projects. 

Softwashing is great for cleaning roofs that are not contaminated with heavy moss and it is also really great for cleaning render

Why Softwash Render?

Softwashing kills the organic organisms which discolour render. Most commonly seen on render that has been left unmaintained will be black, green or even orange/red organic staining as the textured surface and damp surface create the ideal environment for organic growths to flourish. 

Due to the soft nature of render pressure washing the surface with high pressure will cause damage. Steam cleaning can be a good method for cleaning render but can sometimes leave a stripy appearance on the surface. Softwashing the render gives a nice uniform finish as all the organic growth is killed when treated properly.

Softwashing Professional Softwash Equipment, Softwashing Company London

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