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Creating Cleaner, healthier places to live...

The Best Way to Maintain Your Indian Sandstone Patio

A common mistake people make with their Indian sandstone patio is they get it pressure washed every year. While pressure washing is great for restoring a patio that hasn’t been cleaned before, for getting rid of all the dirt, moss and algae, it is not recommended to pressure wash your patio over and over again.

Repetitive pressure washing can wear out the surface stone making more porous, more dull in colour and much weaker. So here is some advise on how to maintain your Indian Sandstone Patio.

The best way to maintain your Indian sandstone Patio

After the initial pressure wash we recommend soft washing your patio to get rid of the stubborn black spot and any green algae staining. The soft washing process really brightens up the patio and brings out the natural colouring in the stone.

After the patio has been cleaned to a high standard you want to ensure the jointing is in good condition. Missing or damaged pointing can be replaced with sand and cement or with ready made jointing compounds.

Once the patio is cleaned and jointing is in good condition you can use a natural stone sealer to protect the surface. This is applied by roller or sprayer and this basically puts a protective coating on the stone which makes it easier to maintain.

Once sealed your patio can be soft washed at 3-6 month intervals, this less aggressive method of cleaning with patio cleaner a stiff brush and some water is much more gentle on the stone which in turn prolongs the lifetime of your patio and the jointing between the patio slabs.

Check out our video on the best way to maintain your Indian sandstone patio