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How Much Does Gutter Cleaning Cost?

How Much Does Gutter Cleaning Cost?

This article will help you estimate how much gutter cleaning will cost on your property.
Like any person wanting to make an informed buying decision, you want to know how much a service costs before choosing a company to perform that service. Unfortunately, costs and pricing for services can be very difficult to find online with many company’s choosing to omit this vital information from their website. The good news is at LBC we are different.We choose complete transparency with the pricing of our service as we believe we provide a really great service for a very reasonable price.

How Much Does it Cost to Clean out Rain Water Gutters?

Our Gutter cleaning service  generally ranges from £125+vat for a small house or bungalow. This increases up to £000’s for a large block of flats. There are several factors that influence the cost when it comes to gutter cleaning.
We need to assess the difficulty of your job to be able to price it accurately. Although you might ask ‘whats the price for gutter cleaning on an average property?’ as you will see below there are many factors which influence the price.
Here are a few of the variables we need to establish first before we can provide you with an accurate price for cleaning your gutters

1.Is it a local Gutter Cleaning Job?

You will most often find that a local service based company will be lower priced.They are not incurring travelling costs to get to the job, so always start your search with companies based locally to you.

2.What Type of property do you have?

The larger the property, the more guttering there is so the higher the price.
Gutter cleaning most often ranges in price (from low to high) by property type in the following way;
Terraced House
Semi Detached
Block of Flats

3.How many Stories high is the roof guttering on property?

A ground floor bungalow is going to be much easier and safer to clean than a three story town house. So a general rule of thumb is; the higher the building the more expensive the gutter cleaning will be.
Here at LBC we have our own cherry picker with a 22 metre working high so providing the ground conditions provide suitable access we can clean up to 5 stories high. For properties that are taller we hire in larger machinery

4.Is their any visible growth in your gutters?

Often, we wont know exactly how much debris is in the gutters until we start the cleaning process. However, if it is clear from ground level that there is a lot of greenery growing in your gutters this could make the job a lot more difficult. Grass that has been growing in the guttering for a long time can cause a real issue, as often before we have seen the roots growing down the down pipes. When this happens the grass becomes extremely difficult to remove from using a gutter vacuum alone. When this is the case, direct access is required to remove the well rooted grass from the guttering. To avoid this ever becoming an issue we recommend having your gutters cleaned 1-2 times per year.

5.Are there any leaks from your gutters?

The most common causes for leaking gutters are old perished rubbers at the joining brackets or blocked down pipes.
Over the years the rubbers used in sealing your guttering can shrink and become more brittle. This reduces their water stopping ability. When this is the case, the rubbers need changing. Depending on the type and age of the gutters, some rubber replacements are more readily available to purchase than others.

The other main cause of leaks with rain water guttering are blocked down pipes. Often debris such as moss from the roof, leaves or twigs from the trees are getting stuck just at the bend of the down pipe. Where the guttering changes from its vertical position alongside your roof to the horizontal position. This is where the water is meant to travel down from the roof any away from the property.

There is another more serious cause of leaking gutters. This is where the levelling of the guttering is not correct and the guttering does not allow the water to travel round the horizontal guttering and down the vertical down pipe. This is generally because of one of the following three reasons;

  • There is some brackets missing or broken that are needed to hold the guttering in the correct position ( this is not a huge problem), the other two reasons are more of an issue and require more substantial work to rectify the problem.
  • Either the guttering was never installed correctly in the first instance or there has been some movement with the property, either way to stop the gutters from continuing to leak they will need to be reinstalled with the correct levelling to allow the water to travel as necessary.

So if your gutters are leaking this will add to the gutter cleaning price if you also want these leaks repaired, and depending on what is causing the leaking will influence the repair cost.

How is the access to the guttering on your property?

Some property’s have a very narrow side access. Where it is more difficult to access the gutters, either by ladder or with the telescopic gutter vacuum poles. These jobs will be more expensive than the same sized property with easy access to the guttering. Just like a property with side or rear access to the back garden will warrant a cheaper gutter cleaning price to a property where we need to bring ladders or equipment through the house.

Does your property have a conservatory to the rear?

This can restrict access from ladders and often a gutter vacuum is required to clean the guttering above a conservatory.
For very tall town houses and blocks of flats some hired access in the form of a cherry picker may be required. Where direct access to the guttering is needed and a gutter vacuum alone is not sufficient. This obviously adds more money to the cost of the gutter cleaning job with cherry picker access starting from £495+vat per day for hire.

What’s the average cost of Gutter Cleaning?

Bungalow – £125+vat
Terraced House – £150+vat
Semi detached house – £175+vat
Detached House- £250+vat

Why is there grass growing in my gutters?

If your gutters are not cleaned regularly they can build up with soil like debris, this combined with the moist conditions and directness to sunlight are ideal conditions for seeds to germinate.
Learn more about our gutter cleaning service here.

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