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Creating Cleaner, healthier places to live...
Creating Cleaner, healthier places to live...

Debunking Roof Cleaning Myths

If you’ve ever heard a reason why you can’t clean your roof, it may be a myth. The truth is, cleaning your roof is possible if done correctly.Read on, and let’s debunk some of the most common roof cleaning myths. A clean roof will help improve your home’s value and increase its value at the same time.

Myth #1: Are Those Roof Stains From Pollution?

One of the most common myths about roof cleaning is related to this question. Many people believe the stains on your roof are caused by pollution or acid rain. The truth is, most roof stains are the result of blue-green algae.Most asphalt roof shingles include limestone. Blue-green algae feed on it and multiples rapidly. It can create unsightly spots all over your roof, but professional roof cleaners can remove them.

Myth #2: Your Roof Is Stained, You Have to Replace It

This is false. The only reason for roofing replacement is if there is significant damage that is beyond repair. You can clean almost any stain from a roof, depending on the type of roofing materials and the source of the stain.

Myth #3: I Can Clean a Roof With a Pressure Washer

Many people who use a pressure washer to clean stains from siding, brick, or concrete believe you can do the same with a roof. But using a pressure washer is not a good idea. The high pressure can damage or remove shingles. 

Myth #4: Cleaning a Roof Is a Great DIY Project

No. This is not true. Anytime you climb up a ladder onto a roof, there is a high risk of injury.For this reason, you need to work with a professional who offers roof cleaning services. Thousands of people are injured, and hundreds are killed each year due to falling off a ladder or roof. Play it safe, and leave roof cleaning to the pros.

Myth #5: No One Cares About the Stains on My Roof

Since so many people believe the myth that a stained roof is a damaged roof, stains will affect your home’s when it’s time to sell. People buy with their eyes, and your roof’s condition can affect how people perceive the quality of your house. The better the curb appeal, the more your home is worth.

Myth #6: Cleaning My Roof Will Damage My Lawn

This might be true if you use the wrong cleaning solution or clean a roof by yourself. Professional roof cleaners take precautions to protect your home, garden, and landscaping. They also use the right combination of cleaning practices to minimise any adverse effects.

Bring New Life to Your Roof

A clean roof can make your home look renewed and refreshed. There are many myths about roof cleaning, but almost none of them are true. The fact is professional roof cleaners can remove unsightly stains, improve the appearance of your home, and help increase its value.Don’t believe the myths! Contact LBC Exterior Cleaning today for a quote to clean your roof.