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Creating Cleaner, healthier places to live...

10 Common Uses For A Cherry Picker

10 Common Uses For a Cherry Picker

10 Common Uses For A Cherry Picker

1. Roof cleaning.

Cherry pickers are great to access roof level when cleaning roofs, whether that be pressure washing, steam cleaning, or scraping the moss with manual scrapers. Using a cherry picker for roof cleaning is one of the safest ways you can access a roof.

2.Roof repairs.

Using ladders and ridge ladders is fast becoming an unacceptable way of safely accessing a roof. A much safer way can be by using a cherry picker. Especially when you’re working on the gable of a house, a cherry picker can be great to get up to the ridge level for minor roof repairs.

3.Gutter cleaning.

Cherry pickers are a great way to access gutter level for cleaning. It is much safer to clean a gutter from a cherry picker where access is possible than by using ladders.

With the cherry picker, you can get up to gutter level so that the working height is ideal and you are not too close to the gutter to be able to easily clean it out. While gutter cleaning equipment can be great for wider commercial gutters, sometimes a hoover system, such as a SkyVac, may not be suitable, especially when there are large amounts of vegetation growing in the gutters or large amounts of solid sludge that is much easier to take out by using some tools when at the same level.

The other great point about using a cherry picker for gutter cleaning is that the cherry picker has 240 or 110 power supply. So you can also plug in your gutter cleaning vacuum while up in the cherry picker.

While gutter cleaning systems such as the SkyVac are great for cleaning domestic properties, especially when reaching over conservatories at the rear of properties, cherry pickers can be much more useful when it comes to higher level cleaning.

When you start to get over three and four stories, the weight of the gutter poles and the effectiveness of the method of cleaning with telescopic equipment becomes less useful. For higher properties, using a cherry picker to clean the gutters is much more effective.

4.Tree surgery.

Using a cherry picker to access high level trees while doing tree surgery is a no-brainer. The cherry picker allows you to get close enough to the tree without actually having to get onto the tree. So those trees that are hard to climb can be accessed by using a cherry picker.

5.Painting and Decorating.

Painting and decorating is a key trade when it comes to looking after the exterior of a building. Whilst people may opt for setting up a scaffolding, this can be very expensive. And if the job is a smaller job, it can be much more cost-effective to use a cherry picker where the access is suitable.

6.Fascia, Gutters and Soffit Installation.

Fascia, soffits and gutters are an important part of every property. The uPVC version has become very popular over recent years. On domestic properties, people may opt for putting this up using ladders or scaffolding towers. However, for larger properties where scaffolding can be avoided and cherry picker access is suitable, it can be more cost-effective to use a cherry picker for this type of work.

7.Chimney Sweeping.

Cherry pickers can be fantastic for getting up to chimney level. For this, you need an extra large working height and an extra large boom to be able to get up to the top of the chimney. The cherry picker provides a safe platform where the chimney sweeping work can be undertaken. This is a much safer way of cleaning chimneys than the traditional ladder and roof access methods.

8.Chimney Cowling Installation.

This is a little niche, but we have found it very popular for use with our cherry picker. Builders and other home maintenance service providers who are often tasked with fitting a cowling to the top of chimneys find it the most suitable way to gain access to the top of the chimney using a cherry picker. Cowlings are installed to prevent items from coming down the chimney and also to deter animals such as birds from entering the chimney.

9.Pest Control.

Pest control is a important service, especially around cities where there are vast numbers of pests such as rats and pigeons. A lot of pest control work includes putting up bird protection on high points that are hard to reach. A cherry picker can be the most suitable way of accessing these hard to reach areas to put up things such as bird spikes and also bird netting.

10.Aerial Installation.

You often see aerial vans going around with lots of ladders on them. However, a safer way to access roof and chimney levels for aerial installation is by using a cherry picker. A cherry picker provides a safe and stable working platform which is much easier and safer than working from ladders.