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Creating Cleaner, healthier places to live...
Creating Cleaner, healthier places to live...

Anti Viral -Fogging

Want to get back to normality with the comfort of knowing that your space, whether that is your home or business is clean and clear of harmful bacteria and viruses? LBC has the solution!

What is Anti Viral Fogging?

Conan Sammon explanation on why Anti Viral Fogging is so effective

Fogging is applying chemical disinfectants to an area by way of a fog or mist. A fogging machine is used to produce a fog like mist of tiny droplets of a sanitising solution. Fogging is the ideal solution for fighting airborne pathogens such as bacteria or viruses as well as disinfecting large areas efficiently.

The process is generally carried out for a minimum of 30 minutes per room and an additional 60 minutes per room to allow the droplets to settle out of the air and onto the surfaces.
It is argued that chemical fogging is the most efficient and effective method for decontaminating whole rooms as it enables difficult to reach places to be thoroughly disinfected.

“I’ve used these guys to disinfect multiple sites for me and my clients. The fogging service is always professional, reliable and efficient”

Zac- Preclean

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