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Commercial Bin Cleaning

Commercial Bin Cleaning Service across London and Surrounding Areas

Are you looking for a commercial bin cleaning service in or around London?

LBC originated as London Bin Cleaning. Cleaning bins across London since 2012. We know a thing or two about commercial bin cleaning and have one of the largest bin cleaning fleets in London cleaning more commercial bins than any other company that are based in London.

Over the years we have reinvested into our cleaning equipment and now have the best vehicles and equipment available for cleaning commercial bins in London.

Commercial Bin Cleaning

Boasting the only fully automated, fully enclosed bin cleaning truck, we provide several of London’s councils, housing associations and property management companies with a commercial bin cleaning service which has a big impact on improving local areas for residents.

We clean a range of commercial bins from 120 litre food bins right up to skips and Roll on Roll Offs.

Our vehicles are equipped with purpose built lifting equipment to lift a variety of waste containers including;

120 litre wheelie bins, 240 litre wheelie bins, 360 litre wheelie bins, 660 litre wheelie bins, 720 litre bins, 1100 litre eurocarts and paladin bins.

We provide a professional bin cleaning service throughout London & Surrounding boroughs.

Commercial bin cleaning for many industries and sectors

We provide our commercial waste container cleaning service to the following sectors;

Supermarkets, Schools, Universities, Councils, Housing associations, Property management companies, restaurants, Waste companies.

Our customers include many well known names such as Imperial College London, Gordon Ramsay Restaurants, Mcdonalds, Tesco, Coca Cola, Amazon, B&Q and many more including Hackney council, Hounslow council, Ealing council , Tower Hamlet Homes and East End Homes.


Its super important when choosing a commercial bin cleaning service provider that you choose a company with purpose designed vehicles that have bin lifting equipment so that they can catch the waste water on board for disposing off site in accordance with environmental laws. Any companies cleaning bins and letting the waste water run onto the street is a sure sign that the company is a ‘cowboy’ company as they are breaking environmental laws and most likely causing avoidable pollution.

To read more about the requirements for professional bin cleaning and how to avoid choosing cowboy firms who take part in ‘illegal bin cleaning’ see our blog on the rules and regulations in the bin cleaning industry 

Our Pricing

We’ve been providing our bin cleaning services to many commercial clients across London since 2012. Commercial clients love working with us as we are responsive, reliable and professional.

Here at London Bin Cleaning one of the most common questions we get asked is ‘ How much does commercial bin cleaning cost?

There are many factors which influence the cost of a commercial bin cleaning service, the main factors are;

the number of bins that need cleaning, the size of the bins that need cleaning, the number of locations the bins are located at and also the frequency of cleaning required. We’ve put together a simple pricing table to give you an idea of what commercial bin cleaning costs.

1100 Litre Bin

£ 15-35

Per Clean

660 Litre Bin

£ 9-25

Per Clean

360 Litre Bin

£ 7.50-15

Per Clean

240 Litre Bin

£ 5.50-12

Per Clean

120 Litre Bin

£ 7.50-14

Per Month

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