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Cladding cleaning is an important part of any commercial building maintenance. When not cleaned periodically cladding will start to deteriorate and change in appearance. This is from organic growth growing on the cladding due to the warm and moist atmosphere we have here in the UK.

Cladding will become black or green in appearance if left uncleaned.

This detracts from the overall look of the building and this is not how the building was intended to look.

When choosing a company to clean or restore your cladding its important you choose a professional, experienced cladding cleaning contractor as you want to ensure that the cladding will be cleaned without damaging the material.

Cladding can be made up of different materials, such as plastic metal or wood. A common material used for cladding is powder coated aluminium. This is popular as it is relatively cheap and hard wearing however, powder coated aluminium can easily fade over time from the sun leaving it dull and lifeless and not very visually aesthetic.

How Do You Clean Cladding?

Depending on the exact material used to clad the building and the condition of the cladding we have a range of cleaning methods which include soft washing, steam cleaning or pressure washing. We always select the method that will give them best cleaning results without damaging the surface. Although High pressure washing may be the fastest way to clean green and black staining from cladding it isn’t the method we select every time, this is because pressure washing may be too harsh and aggressive depending on the condition of the cladding. Its important when cleaning cladding that we don’t remove any of the powder coating or paint from the surface.


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Cladding Restoration 

As well as cleaning organic staining from cladding which often involves pressure washing, steam cleaning or pure water and soft brush cleaning methods, Restoration is a completely different process. 

Sunlight, rain and pollution can cause powder coated aluminium cladding to loose its colour, we use a specially designed product to reverse this process and restore the powder coated cladding to its former glory.

The product we use is a deep penetrating oil that restores the original look and finish to gelcoat, plastic, metal and other cladded surfaces.

The product also protects against corrosion and blemishes 

What Is Cladding Restoration?

Cladding restoration is treating the cladding to bring it back to it’s original condition. The restoration oil penetrates the surface, re-wetting the pigments to restore their  colour which has been lost through exposure to sunlight, rain, and pollution and it also gives corrosion protection.  When used on tarnished metals, it brings back the shine and gives long-term protection against corrosion.

Our restoration oil dries to a tough and long-lasting flexible finish which does not leave a film – so it won’t peel or flake.

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